Mr. Handy
I got my program to work! I thought today's lesson was really good, I espically
[sic] liked the section where you told about how sound and other stuff actually works. I liked your theme song, and using these notes I can make a soundtrack for future space battles. -- (An 11-year-old in North Carolina)

  • Free software included
  • each lesson includes a quiz
  • answers in the back
  • index included
  • 202 pages, 8 1/2 x 11 " format
  • Sold as an "eBook" (electronic download in PDF format).
  • Printed copies available in orders of 20 or more, contact publisher for details
Computer Programming is Fun!

Written by a homeschooling Dad and professional software developer, Computer Programming is Fun! fills the need for a book to teach teenage youth computer programming.

The author set out to write a book like the one he used to teach himself programming at age 12. In the 1980's programming students began learning with BASIC, but for the new millenium the author chose the more modern Python language. Python is used by NASA, Google, and George Lucas' Industrial Lights and Magic, but is simple enough for beginners to learn.

This book has been successfully used by homeschooling families and public school teachers. A syllabus outline at the beginning of the book lets you select the lessons you want from one of three learning tracks: a data processing track, a video game track, or a simple turtle graphics track, depending on the student's interests and level of learning.

This book is geared for either self-study or classroom use. Neither the student nor the teacher need have any prior programming experience.

All necessary software, including the Python programming language and sample programs, is freely downloadable from this website, and is available on a CD with the printed version of the book.