September 2015 Second Edition is under development
I am revising and upgrading CPIF to the latest version of Python. I will also include new lessons and activities. Previous customers will be given an opportunity for a free upgrade, if the email address they gave me is still current.

October 10, 2009 Linux version of CPIF 1.0.5 update
If you downloaded the Linux version of CPIF 1.0.5 between Sep. 24 and Oct. 10, 2009, you should re-download it. The cpif.idlelib package was accidentally left out of the download, which caused the cpif-idle.py program to fail. This also affected the download in zip format.

September 2009 CPIF software version 1.0.5 released: Upgraded Python, other fixes
CPIF version 1.0.5 is now available in the download section of this website. This software upgrade includes:

  • Python upgrade to version 2.6
  • CPIF graphics windows more responsive when run from Python Shell (IDLE)
  • You now can run multiple IDLE Python Shell windows at the same time without encountering problems.
  • By switching users, multiple people on the same computer can now run IDLE at the same time without problems.

December 2008 Printed copies only available by special order of 20 or more Effective December 26, 2008, the printed (hard-copy) version of this book is no longer on sale at this web site. It still is available in some stores, and by special order (contact the publisher) for orders of 20 or more copies.

July 2007 Option to purchase book as PDF file download The "Computer Programming is Fun!" book is now available to be purchased either as a printed book with CD or as an "eBook" (electronic download of book in PDF format). For non-U.S. customers, the eBook option is now the only option, due to shipping costs and other concerns.

June 2007 Revision 17 Mostly fixes some typographical erros. Also some font and color changes.

16 Dec 2006 Updated Version Released Now shipping revision 16, software version 1.0.4 -- contains some bug fixes and simplifications.

07 May 2005 Online Ordering via PayPal is now available. Click here for more information.

30 April 2005 Released for sale Computer Programming is Fun! is now available at The Homeschool Gathering Place in Raleigh, North Carolina, for just $29.95, including a CD with all necessary software. Stay tuned for further details when online ordering becomes available.

28 April 2005 Book edits and reorganization complete Today the CPIF book is officially "done", including the new turtle graphics lessons, the index, and revisions based on reviews and feedback.

21-25 March 2005 Major reorganization I took this week, which happens to be "spring break" in North Carolina, to completely overhaul the CPIF book based on feedback from the homeschooling familes and the public school teachers that are using the book. I split the original 12 lessons into 20, including 3 new lessons using "turtle graphics".

5 March 2005 StarSim game version 0.0.2 released This doesn't have any major advances, but it does fix two embarassing bugs: Multi-player mode should work now, and uninstalling should completely remove the main program directory (.pyc files were being left behind, previously.)

1 February 2005 StarSim first early preview version released I saw a need to provide a more advanced programming example, to show what can be done with Python and the software that comes with the book. Also, my boys and I like spaceship games. :)

13 September 2004 Limited rollout The book is being used by 12 families in the Raleigh, NC area, and by an 8th grade computer programming class in Vermont. Releasing version 0.5.3 of the software, which also has a CD version that comes with the book. I reorganized the instructions on the download page.

30 June 2004 Content Complete! Now that the Lander game case study is complete, I have finished all of the major sections of the book. Now I am in the process editing based on the review feedback, getting the illustrations in, and working on the layout.

30 June 2004 Releasing version 0.5.2 of the cpif software. This version contains some minor bug fixes, plus the Lander game. After following the install instructions on the download page (or in the book), you will have a subdirectory in your MyPrograms directory called lander that has the Lander files, lander1.py through lander6.py. The lander6.py file is the final version of the game at the end of the book's project case study.

06 May 2004 Releasing version 0.5.1 of the cpif software to make it work on Windows XP I fixed a bug that prevented the cpif.myprograms() function from working on Windows XP. (I had tested mainly on Windows 98; I'll test Windows XP more often from now on.)

03 May 2004 Releasing version 0.5.0 of the cpif software, Rev. 02 of the book excerpts I have made improvements to the cpif.graphics module. It now makes it easier for you to issue drawing commands from the Python Shell and see the results immediately. It also has improved timer and graphical event handling. The updated excerpts from the book has instructions on how to use the new graphical commands.

05 April 2004 Releasing rev. 01 to reviewers I have put version 0.4.0 of the cpif software package on the download page, and have made draft revision 01 of the book available to a number of reviewers and testers.

24-26 March 2004 Attended PyCon 2004 in Washington DC There was a lot of interest at the Python community conference in a book intended for teaching computer programming to 11 - 15-year-olds using Python. It was very encouraging to me that so many others had the same interest as I do in this target audience that I am writing for.

15 January 2004 Mostly done! I have completed building block 9 and am part-way done with 10. I have put a sample section of the book and an early version of some of the software that comes with the book on the download page.

16 August 2003 First draft released - version 0.1.0. 8 of the 12 main building blocks lessons completed, with quizzes and sample programs. Created CD with install program that contains Python, the sample programs, and the student files. New web page posted.