Download Software that goes with the Book

This page contains free download links for the software that is necessary for doing the activities in the "Computer Programming is Fun!" book. All of the software on this page is also available on the CD that came with your book, if you bought the book in printed form.

This software has everything you need to start programming, including:

  • The Python programming language, version 2.6
  • The sample programs mentioned in the book
  • The cpif utility package described in the book


Windows users:

  • Right-click on this link (14.5 MB) and select "Save Target As" or "Save Link" to save the installer program to your computer (remember where you save it.)
  • Double click on the program you downloaded (named "cpif-1.0.5.exe") to run the setup program, and follow the directions.
Note: For best results, please have a user with "Administrator" privileges install the software.

Linux users:

  1. Python 2.5 or greater must be installed on your computer (it probably already is there)
  2. Download this source code tarball (283 KB) and save it in in a temporary directory, say, /tmp
  3. Read and follow the directions in the README-Linux.txt file to install the cpif package and its prerequisites.

If you don't know what to do after you've installed the software, well, that's what the book is for!

Note: This software is open-source. The complete source code is available for download in Zip-file format.

The current cpif software version is 1.0.5.

Please send feedback and questions to . Thank you.