StarSim game

Now at version 0.0.5

StarSim is a single- or multi-player space adventure game that I am writing as a more advanced demonstration of what you can do with the Python programming language and with the software that comes with my computer programming book. Here is a partial screen shot to give you a little flavor of how it looks:

The game is very incomplete at this point (version 0.0.5, July 2008) but you can run it and pilot a spaceship around, and dock with starbases. You can send messages to your friends in multi-player mode. You can receive messages from a starbase in distress, but you are not able to do anything about it yet. You can target objects and shoot missiles, but there is no real danger (yet) from the Fuon Invaders. You can read more info on the game here.

StarSim download links
Description Link
Windows installer that includes Python plus full game source code. (11MB) starsim-0.0.5.exe
Zip file with just the source code. Use this if you are running Linux and/or you are a Python programmer. Unzip to a directory and run python (using Python 2.4 or greater.)

Check back here later to see how the game progresses!

Please send feedback and questions to . Thank you.